Coline : Sale wholesale harem pants 

harem pants wholesaler

Coline Diffusion has been a wholesaler of ethnic clothing since 1987. The company specializing in the distribution of clothing from Asia offers its original collections renewed each year. SPECIALIST the E mode ethnique and Bohemian , the shop online for professional clothing features of e s clothing styles from elsewhere like style Baba cool bohemian , or hippie chic or simply romantic ... So you are in the right place to add a bit of pizzazz to the way ethnic in your store or on your website merchant . Of course, you will have no trouble finding the collection you need among the items available on Coline Pro.

Coline's harem pants

harem pants wholesaler

The harem pants are among the most popular items and popular on the site Coline Pro . The latter are further pants that are often characterized s by a size elasticated, a crotch placed very low and closer to the ankles. The original side of harem pants made as it is acclaimed by many countries and where France ranks high. At Coline Pro, the harem pants are available in different styles and models to satisfy all tastes :  

  • ethnic sarouel ;          
  • sportswear harem pants ;          
  • sarouel baba cool ;           
  • Harem pants 3 in 1         
  • teuffeur harem pants (Teuf)         
  • etc...         

From the brand flagship, the harem 3 in 1 via the pants Aladin up to pantalo No baggy , the choice is extremely varied .  

You can as well , provide easy to site Coline Pro in order to give an original and relaxed touch to your shop clothes , and , at bargain prices.

Where do Coline brand harem pants come from ? 

harem pants wholesaler

If Coline's ethnic clothes make you travel, it is not really due to chance. They come, in fact, from all over the world. They make us dream of elsewhere with their shimmering colors, their patterns, and their comfortable materials. The harem pants of Coline Diffusion mainlycomefrom India, from Nepal, from Thailand to Indonesia, and to ' other Asian countries. The clothes are made from high quality fabrics. The manufacturing process of each part complies with European standards and is carried out according to an ethical charter. Compliance with product compliance is ensured by Coline Diffusion, a French importer who travels to these different parts of the world.

The history of the harem pants

The sarouel ( meaning pants in Persian) would have appeared in the 3rd century BC. JC, in the Middle East, more precisely between India and Asia. It was originally an everyday, unisex garment, worn by both men and women. According to the story the harem has urait as ancestor dhoti, a kind of cloth worn by Indian men. The merchants traversing the Silk Road contributed to the adoption of this baggy pants by Saudi, and by ' Africa North. The arrival of the harem in Europe was observed in 19 th century especially when France conquered Algeria. In the 1900s, the couturier Paul Poiret launched the Sarouel fashion in the West ...  

Are the harem pants still trendy in 2021? 

Even today, the harem pants remain a popular garment combining practicality and comfort. In truth, these pants are now considered a timeless one. This timeless piece can be found in almost every wardrobe. Versatile, the harem pants can be worn in various circumstances : everyday, on vacation, in the evening or at work, etc. 

Harem pants fashion with Coline

harem pants wholesaler

According to its design and fabric, this type of pants can be ready r all kinds of look (Zen , sport chic, casual , choice is not lacking ...). Here are some key pieces from the harem pants collection : 

3 in 1 sarouel : as its name suggests, this is a model that can be transformed into 3 outfits : a puffed top with bat sleeve , a sarouel bustier jumpsuit and a fluid harem pants with low crotch . This type of clothing would allow your customers to make different outfits in no time.             

baggy pants : these models are suitable for all body types. They are made in cotton, polyester, velvet, crepe... The baggy pants can be ethnic prints in sari style, plain, colorful, simple and elegant, classic, original, with or without elasticated waist. In short, a wide and varied choice to best meet the needs of each client, without forgetting the harem pants in stock.           

In addition to these models, the Coline brand also offers medium-length sarouelspantacourt sarouels, sarouels with or without pockets, etc. You can also obtain the harem pants for men’s such style teuffe  for a look urban.

Why buy sarouels wholesale from Coline ? 

If you are looking for a wholesale harem pants online store, you have come to the right place. Coline imports various types of harem pants : Harem pants manharem pants women, harem pant's original... Aside from the cheap harem pants , customer service is impeccable , always up to your expectations.

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