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Coline Pro specializes in wholesale sales to professionals.

   Since its foundation in 1987, the Coline brand has distinguished itself through its bohemian ready-to-wear collections, rooted in ethnic influences and characterized by highly colorful lines. This bold fusion of styles defines the very essence of Coline Pro.

   Our original collections, available from XS to 3XL, offer women a platform to express their freedom and creativity. At Coline, there are no compromises: each piece is designed to allow every woman to assert herself through her style.

   Coline's commitment lies in offering women unique, original collections, inviting them to fully embrace their individuality, while wearing clothes that are both unique and expressive.

The Baba Cool Style? A Look that keeps Reinventing itself for your Clients!

Coming from the 70s, the hippie baba cool look with its wide, loose and practical outfits continues to reinvent itself. This season again, this style returns to the forefront, but with a touch of elegance and sophistication. As a shop owner, you can offer your customers the essentials to adopt this look without appearing too casual...

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Guide to Sublimate the Bohemian Outfits of your clients: The Essential Accessories

Fashion accessories are essential to complete an outfit and finalize a look. They highlight the personality and enhance the style of the one who wears them. For shops wishing to offer their customers ethnic bohemian style options, it is crucial to carefully select the accessories according to the desired style...

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